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You finally have the hair you’ve always wanted thanks to a few sessions at the salon. In order to keep your new color fresh and vivid, you should understand how to take care of colored hair at home using a great hair treatment.

There are so many affordable, high-quality products available for women with colored hair. Make sure to stock up on the ones that are right for you and your color. These will be crucial to maintaining your colored hair at home!

A quick tip for those who plan to have their hair dyed, never wash your hair until at least 72 hours after getting it treated at the salon! You don’t want all that patience and money to go to waste because you were too impatient with your washes! The right products for color treated hair and the proper shampoo and conditioner routine will keep your locks vivid and fresh for much longer between regular dyes.

How to Take Care of Colored Hair at Home: Which Products Are Right for You?

  • Once you’ve got your hair dyed, never use a shampoo and conditioner that aren’t specifically formulated for color treated hair. Color protecting shampoos extend the life of your hair color without fading it during washes!
  • Most brands of hair color include ammonia, the bleaching agent that strips your natural hair color away. Ammonia can make your hair dry and brittle. Use shampoos and conditioners that provide lots of nourishment and proteins to ensure that your hair gets the moisture and hydration it needs.
  • Deep conditioners are great for colored hair. They penetrate the hair follicles and provide nourishing conditioning treatment to ammonia-dyed hair. Hot oils like almond, olive, and coconut oils provide a natural, pure conditioning treatment that will both help to repair damage from dyeing and retain more vivid color.
  • Don’t wash your hair too often as this will cause your color to fade more quickly. It will also prevent your hair from healing between colorings because it will strip your hair’s natural oils away. Washing your colored hair two or three times a week is plenty.
  • When rinsing your hair, use cool or lukewarm water. Hot water can actually further damage your colored hair and prevent it from retaining moisture. This will make it dry and difficult to manage.

Stay Glossy: Choosing a Homemade Hair Treatment

Buying lots of different hair treatments for your colored hair can get expensive. An awesome way to save some money is to make hair gloss masks yourself in the comfort of your own home! Using a homemade protein mask on your hair once a week will keep your treated hair healthy and soft.

  • Banana and honey masks provide your hair with essential proteins and vitamins. They also smell sweet and delicious! You can also mix bananas and avocados for a protein-rich mask. The mushier the fruits, the better they will be! Leave the mixture on your hair for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it out.
  • Mayonnaise masks are a tried and truth method for restoring the sheen to color processed hair. While they may not be as appetizing as some of the sweeter ingredients, mayonnaise masks can greatly improve the look of damaged hair. Be sure to leave the mask on your hair for at least five minutes before rinsing it out.
  • Rosemary and olive oil masks create a strong combination full of essential nutrients. They will stimulate new hair growth and protect your hair against damage. Whip up a batch by heating ¼ cup olive oil in a pan until it is warm but not too hot, and adding 5 drops of rosemary essential oil. Apply this combination generously to your hair and cover it with a shower cap for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it out.
  • When you think hair nourishing products, you don’t immediately think of beer. Actually, beer can restore shine to color treated hair when it is used as a setting spray. Pour beer into a spray bottle and spritz it on freshly shampooed and conditioned hair before brushing or blow drying.

Maintain Your Color: Avoid Things That Fade Processed Hair Color

As I mentioned before, it is so important to choose shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for color treated hair. This, along with a good homemade hair treatment will provide your hair with excellent nourishment and care.

Remember to avoid washing too frequently! Finding a good dry shampoo for your colored hair will help you keep your hair looking a feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Dry shampoo absorbs oils from your hair without the need for conventional washes with shampoo and conditioner. Since you should only be washing your hair two or three times a week to prevent color fading, dry shampoo will help you out on days when you feel like your hair looks oily.

There are dry shampoos available that are specifically for colored hair. Some dry shampoos release a chalky white residue that can always be brushed out. That white residue will actually work to cover up dark roots if you have platinum or cool toned hair.

You can also use baby powder to absorb oils if you find yourself in a pinch. However, dry shampoo will always work better because it was designed for use on hair.

Avoid your color fading from the sun by wearing a hat or hair sunblock. This will add protection against UV rays that can change the color of treated hair.

You can always touch up your hair at home in between colorings if you know how to do so properly. It’s important to invest in professional salon visits when you are changing your hair color. Head massages, deep conditioning treatments, and other salon services will lengthen the life of your colored hair as well as provide your hair with nourishment and healing.

Give Your Colored Hair a Long Life

You don’t want the hair that you’ve invested so much time and money in to fade or grow dull. Following these tips will allow your hair to remain vivid and healthy. Making homemade hair masks will not only save you money but it will also give your hair much needed natural nourishment. Knowing which shampoos and conditioners to use on your colored hair will help protect your color and make it last until you are ready to try something else. Knowing how to take care of colored hair at home will extend the life of your colored hair, saving you time and money!

From the author:

My name is Amanda Cooper, and I’ve spent the last seven years of my life as a stylist in Orange County, California helping women like you feel confident about their hair. One of the most important parts of maintaining beautiful hair is using great hair products. That’s why I’m excited to tell you that there are great shampoos and conditions for YOUR hair. I’ve helped hundreds of women find the perfect hair products for them, and I can help you, too. It’s easy… and I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.


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