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Do You Know What You’re Putting in Your Hair?

When you choose your shampoos and conditioners, you probably look for products formulated for your specific hair type. Nice aromas and affordable prices shouldn’t be the only things you’re checking for. You should try to stay informed on all the harmful shampoo ingredients as well

There are certain shampoo ingredients that appear in products of all kinds that are actually quite harmful to both you and the environment. I always tell my clients to avoid these ingredients for their own safety. After I explain the dangers, my clients are shocked that these chemicals are even allowed in shampoos! These toxic chemicals include sulfates, parabens, fragrances, triclosan, and polyethylene glycol.

Be aware of what’s in the products you buy! Try your hardest to avoid these five toxic chemicals that can have disastrous consequences for your health. There are many more natural ingredients out there for you to try! Understanding why you should avoid these harmful shampoo ingredients will greatly benefit your health, so get out there and look!

Always Avoid These Harmful Shampoo Ingredients!

Sulfates – They Can Disrupt Your Hormone Cycles

Sulfates are common shampoo ingredients found in many products. Luckily, many brands these days boast that they are sulfate-free. That’s great! So what exactly is a sulfate and why is it harmful?

Sulfates are chemical detergents that strip dirt and oil from your hair. Isn’t that what shampoos are supposed to do, you might ask? Unfortunately, sulfates are so effective at removing these things that they can be much too harsh on your hair and scalp. Your hair needs to retain some of its natural oils and moisture to stay soft, shiny, and healthy.

Sulfates also have the potential to disrupt your hormones. Nobody wants that. Many sulfates even include traces of dioxane which is a known carcinogen. It can also prevent your kidneys from functioning properly. Sodium Lauryl sulfates are found in insecticides and can cause rashes, eye damage, liver damage, and even depression. Check out some of the best sulfate-free and SLS-free shampoos here!

Parabens – They Are Linked to Breast Cancer

If you’ve heard of sulfates, you’ve probably heard of parabens too. Beauty and cosmetic companies are not shy about announcing when their products are paraben-free. Parabens are other shampoo ingredients that do much more harm than good. 

Parabens are xenoestrogens, a big word with big implications. As the name suggests, xenoestrogens have a similar makeup to hormones found naturally in humans. They are thought to disrupt naturally occurring hormones. They might even cause breast cancer.

Companies that use parabens include them in beauty products to act as preservatives, preventing the growth and spread of bacteria and mold. While that may sound like a good use for them, the added health risks are not worth it. Parabens are present in certain cosmetics, soaps, deodorants, facial washes, and shampoos. Check out some of the best paraben-free shampoos here!

Fragrance – They Aren’t Even Regulated

You want your hair to smell good! If added fragrances make our shampoos smell good, then how could they be so bad? Well, trust me, they are.

The word fragrance can act as a catch-all term. It lets manufacturers include random shampoo ingredients in their products! Scarier still, the term fragrance is so broad that it isn’t regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Companies do not have to list the ingredients that compose a fragrance on the packaging. That amounts to more than 3,100 potentially toxic and often unlisted chemicals being present in your shampoo ingredients.

These chemicals can lead to damage to the central nervous system, asthma, organ toxicity, and cancer. Experts also think they cause learning disabilities in children. If it contains formaldehyde, avoid willingly putting it in your hair! Check out some of the best fragrance-free shampoos here! They smell wonderful, I promise.

Triclosan – It Can Lower Your Immunity

Cosmetic companies use triclosan as another preservative and antibacterial agent. There is fewer data available on the potential risks of triclosan. Not enough conclusive evidence has been found yet. However, I say it’s better to avoid things if there’s a chance they could harm you drastically.

Triclosan is another chemical that might disrupt hormones in humans. It might even lead to a compromised immune system and uncontrolled cellular reproduction. Check out some of the best triclosan-free shampoos here!

Polyethylene Glycol – It Can Cause Developmental Problems

Polyethylene Glycol, or PEG, is another one of those magic formulas that can just wreak havoc on your body.

The state of California in the U.S. has classified PEG as a developmental toxicant, something with the potential to interfere with human development.

PEG is petroleum-based and is often used to create the creamy consistency associated with shampoos and conditioners. However, PEG can include both dioxane and ethylene oxide which are known carcinogens. PEG can even cause systemic toxicity in your body if it comes into contact with broken skin.

When you’re taking a shower you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you scraped your hand or nicked yourself shaving. You should be able to feel safe using your shampoo regardless. Check out some of the best PEG-free shampoos here!

Treat Yourself: Go Natural!

There are so many products available now that proudly boast being free of these toxic ingredients. You can even make your own shampoos at home if you’re feeling adventurous!

With all the pollutants and carcinogens present in the environment today, treat yourself and your family to safe shampoos. Infants have less developed immune systems and porous skin. They are more susceptible to the harmful effects of these chemicals.

Check online or at your local health food stores for safe products to use. And keep in mind that just because a shampoo says the word “natural” on its bottle doesn’t mean that the shampoo ingredients are totally safe! Learn which chemicals to avoid and you’ll be able to check all of your shampoo ingredients quickly and efficiently, saving yourself from worry!


From the author:

My name is Amanda Cooper, and I’ve spent the last seven years of my life as a stylist in Orange County, California helping women like you feel confident about their hair. One of the most important parts of maintaining beautiful hair is using great hair products. That’s why I’m excited to tell you that there are great shampoos and conditions for YOUR hair. I’ve helped hundreds of women find the perfect hair products for them, and I can help you, too. It’s easy… and I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.


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